Du Vernois Music, sounds, & Acoustics


I have had a deep interest in both the art and science of musical sounds for as long as he can remember. As a physicist, I taught courses in the physics of music (for music and music education students), in acoustics (for physics, music, and math students), and in architectural acoustics (for physics, architecture, and music students). I have also consulted in the modeling of room acoustics for recording studios and performance halls, and in the simulation of microphone effects. As a musician, I have been involved with a number of different bands over the years performing largely in the three-way intersection of jazz, modern composed (“classical”) music, and rock.

I now live in Madison, WI, and am available for acoustics consultations and analyses of performance space acoustics. Am also interested in possible collaboration for performing experimental music. Recent interests in that direction include the work of Cornelius Cardew and a renewed interest in the early industrial fun SPK & Throbbing Gristle.

"All things turn to junk. Do our images also turn to junk?" - Wim Wenders


Music and Acoustics


Light of the Moon, 1989-1991

Psychick on Toast, 1993-1995

Nitrogen Narcosis, 1994-2002


Musical instrument (traditional, electronic, & experimental)

Room & hall acoustics


Physics of Music


Architectural Acoustics


Guitar, Theremin, Bass, Synthesis, & Found Sounds


Tape composition

Rule-based synthesis

Visual scores